Operation "Daveaux".

My good friend David Rosser, bon-vivant extraordinaire was recently diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, a news that devastated me to the core.
Dave is an amazing musician and a sweet sweet gentleman, whom I would deeply love to help.
I'm selling some prints to raise money through his medical fund : https://www.gofundme.com/daverosser

I've chosen some luminous and colorful ones, in the hope to distillate some joy and happiness in your homes.
You just have to send me an e-mail at : prints.vk.red@gmail.com and tell me the one you want, then make your public donation.
Each print is sold for a 50$ donation minimum (there's no maximum, so, be generous) to Dave's Go Fund Me page only.

I will add a special photo of Dave I've taken earlier this year in every package.
I only have a limited stock, so, hurry up to order yours.
Let's raise the wave higher and higher, Dave deserves this SO MUCH.
Thanks to all the people who may help.
xx V

Still around.

Fan dance.


Soft woods.

Staring eyes.

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